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A dozen things you can do with Venchi’s cocoa powder

So perhaps you’ve had your eye on Venchi’s cocoa powder on our website and are wondering exactly what you can do with it. The answer is probably a lot more than you think! 

First we need to clarify the difference between the cocoa powders we sell.

The hot chocolate cocoa powder has sugar as an ingredient so this would not be appropriate for recipes that call for “unsweetened cocoa”. It’s great for making hot chocolate or for anything where you want a sweet taste.

The cocoa powder — which includes the cocoa sprinkler — is unsweetened, so make sure you pay close attention to what the recipe calls for.


Here are 12 fun and even one quirky ideas of what you can do with our cocoa powder:

  1. WHIP UP DESSERTS. Unsweetened cocoa powder can be used for a wide variety of desserts including brownies, chocolate cakes, chocolate cream pie, chocolate macaroons, molten lava cakes, Tiramisu, truffles and so much more. It’s a great product to keep in your pantry if you love to bake.

  2. MIX WITH YOUR COFFEE. You can make a mocha version of your favorite coffee or just sprinkle the cocoa powder on top of a cappuccino – the sweetened or unsweetened versions work.

  3. MAKE HOT CHOCOLATE. This is best done with the sweetened variety, but you can use the unsweetened cocoa and just add sugar or your preferred sugar substitute.

  4. STIR INTO OATMEAL. Liven up your oatmeal by sprinkling some cocoa on top.

  5. HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE FROSTING: Cocoa powder is perfect for making chocolate frosting — again just doublecheck the recipe to see if it calls for unsweetened or sweetened.

  6. BLEND IT INTO SMOOTHIES: If you love a morning smoothie, you can make a healthy smoothie with unsweetened cocoa, banana, peanut butter and whatever your favorite ingredients are. A teaspoon of honey is a great way to add a sweet flavor.

  7. MILKSHAKES ANYONE?: Cocoa powder is a great addition to a milkshake if you don’t have chocolate ice cream on hand.

  8. SPRINKLE ON FRUIT OR YOGURT: Add a chocolate note to fruit or yogurt by sprinkling some sweetened or unsweetened cocoa powder on top.

  9. CHOCOLATE-COVERED STRAWBERRIES AWAIT: You can find plenty of recipes online to make a chocolate dipping sauce for strawberries or other fruit using cocoa powder. It’s a perfect idea for Valentine’s Day or any romantic evening.

  10. JAZZ UP TRAIL MIX: Homemade trail mix is a fun way to include all of your favorite ingredients so if you love a dash of chocolate, mixing in cocoa powder is a smart addition.

  11. TOP YOUR CEREAL: Add some chocolate flavor to your granola or other cereal with a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

  12. USE IT FOR A FACIAL SCRUB OR BEAUTY MASK: Surprise! Cocoa powder is wonderful for a healthy, exfoliating facial scrub or mask. Just do an online search and you will find plenty of recipes to make your own chocolate facial scrub or mask using cocoa powder.