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Chocolate and wine pairing

What's better than chocolate? Chocolate and wine. It's total extravagance with double the pleasure and double the taste. Pair them together correctly, and they'll enhance each other's flavors. Plus, when indulging in after-dinner treats like chocolate-flavored desserts, a glass of wine makes it even more delightful.  

The wide varieties of wine and chocolate can make pairing them tricky business. Hopefully, Venchi's blog makes it easier. Read on for wow-inducing chocolate and wine pairings.   

Chocolates with wine are a heavenly pairing. But why stop there? Discover showstopping combos of chocolate and coffee or a fantastic chocolate and spice pairing. 


Which are the best wines to pair with chocolate?

Let's dive deeper into the divine world of wine and chocolate. Before we look at the best pairings by type of wine, here are some top tips that will give you delicious results, whatever the varieties.  

  1. Regardless of wine and chocolate type, it's ideal to choose wines that are a little sweeter than the chocolate. When talking about wine, sweeter doesn't mean more sugar. A fine drop that's full of ripe fruit flavors is ideal for most chocolate. After all, fruit and chocolate are a classic winning combination.  

  1. If you're unsure where to start, match by color. Pair light white wines with white chocolate. Then red wines with darker chocolate. 


Best pairing by type of wine

Chocolate with red wine 

There's plenty of room for personal preference when matching chocolate with wine. It all depends on your tastebuds.  

For those that don't know where to turn, we've got a tried and tested recommendation. Merlot, it's a winner. Full of sweet, plum notes that are almost chocolate-like, the pairing is utterly decadent.  

It's a good idea to match the acidity of the wine with the acidity level of the chocolate. But there are always exceptions to the rule. Extra bitter chocolate can enhance the fruitiness of the wine.  

Try to go for drops from warm climates like Australia or South Africa. These red wines will generally be juicier, fruitier and have gentler tannins that will effortlessly complement chocolate.   


Chocolate with white wine

Fresh and effervescent, white wines classically pair best with white and milk chocolate. Yet there's always room for experimenting.  

Sauvignon Blanc can be an ideal match for rich, creamy, and buttery chocolate. It refreshes the palate and provides some relief to the creaminess.  

Imagine sipping on sparkling Chardonnay while nibbling on white chocolate. It's a heavenly experience. The dry, citrus flavors in the wine will complement the chocolate delightfully. They would also pair perfectly with chocolate-covered fruits like strawberries and oranges. 


Best pairing by type of chocolate     

Dark chocolate pairing

Dark chocolate usually contains around 50-80% of cacao, which gives it an intense, bitter taste with earthy undertones. Full-bodied, fruity wines are the perfect accompaniment for Venchi Venezuelan dark chocolate. Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Merlot are winners.  

For higher cacao percentages, you may have to go for sweeter wines that balance the bitterness. Some ideas are Ruby Port or Italian dessert wine. 


Milk chocolate pairing

Melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate is one of the most straightforward varieties to pair with wine because it's so velvety and neutral. Match with the sparkling sweet red wine Brachetto and wow your tastebuds.  

For white wine lovers, Muscat elevates the flavors of Venchi milk chocolate. If there are nuts or fruit in your milk chocolate, Pinot Noir is the perfect go-to. 


White chocolate pairing 

White chocolate is creamy, buttery, and rich. It usually has more delicate notes, so be careful not to overpower the flavors. When choosing the right wine, you can go two different ways.  

Either, try to freshen up the richness with a Riesling. Or complement the Venchi white chocolate with an equally sweet and delicate Rose. Or create a party in the mouth with bubbly Champagne, an out-of-the-box choice.