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How To Color White Chocolate?

Brighten up the goodies coming from your kitchen with Venchi’s tips on how to color white chocolate. With our simple step-by-step instructions, you’ll be coloring chocolate like a master without any fuss. Love pretty rainbow swirls? We’ll also show you how to make marbleized chocolate shards that are super-popular right now.  

How to dye chocolate

Knowing how to dye white chocolate is a valuable skill to have in the kitchen. Remember to keep all utensils and bowls completely dry when you're melting chocolate. Don't let any water touch the chocolate, or it can seize up quickly and become lumpy and grainy.  

Try to use top-quality chocolate with high cocoa and cocoa butter content. That way, you'll get a silky and glistening texture. We don't recommend using chocolate chips. They don't melt easily or smoothly. 


What’s the best food coloring to use for chocolate?  

There are a few different methods to add color to chocolate. It's not a good idea to use water-based food coloring gels because of chocolate's sensitivity to moisture. It won't combine well.  

Food coloring powders are one of the best options for coloring chocolate. From cake decorating shops, you can usually find powders specially created for dyeing chocolate. A tiny pinch of powder goes a long way and mixes with the chocolate effortlessly. Whisk it in while the chocolate is still melting, and you'll be stunned by the vibrant pigment.  

Oil-based coloring dyes can also give good results. Add only a drop at a time to control the strength of the color and maintain the smooth texture of the chocolate. The best time to add the dye is after the chocolate has already melted. Plus, make sure the dye is warmed up before adding it to the chocolate.  



  • Saucepan of water  

  • Heatproof metal bowl that fits snugly on the saucepan 

  • Metal spoon  

  • 3 x bowls for mixing  

  • Baking tray with parchment paper  

  • Wooden skewer  



  • Oil-based coloring dye (3 different colors)  

  • 3 x Venchi white chocolate bar (3.53 oz each)  



  1. Choose 3 different colored dyes to make the marbleized chocolate.  

  1. Pour warm water into a bowl. Submerge the 3 dye bottles into the water and leave them for 20 minutes

  1. Bring the saucepan of about 1 inch of water to a low simmer.  

  1. Break the white chocolate into even pieces.  

  1. Make sure the metal bowl is completely dry. Add the white chocolate to the bowl.  

  1. Put the bowl over the warm water to melt the chocolate. Make sure the bowl's not touching the water.  

  1. Stir continuously until the chocolate's melted and smooth. Then take off the heat.  

  1. Pour the melted chocolate into 3 clean bowls.  

  1. Try to move quickly before the chocolate cools too much.  

  1. Add a few drops of colored dye to each bowl. Stir to combine well.  

  1. Place the baking tray with parchment paper on the kitchen counter.  

  1. Work quickly to spoon dollops of the different colored chocolate onto the paper. Make sure the dollops are touching each other. 

  1. Gently shake the tray to smooth out any bubbles.   

  1. Now, it's time to create the marble effect. With a wooden skewer, carefully swirl the chocolate and blend the colors.  

  1. Refrigerate or wait until the chocolate has set.  

  1. Break the chocolate into shards. Now decorate or eat! 


How to use colored chocolate

There are so many uses for colored chocolate. Watch as it transforms the presentation of your desserts and impresses family and friends. Before the colored chocolate sets, you could pour it into molds and create delightful homemade chocolates. Or use the colored chocolate as a frosting on cookies, muffins, and even truffles. Try adding colored chocolate shards as an extravagant topping on cakes.