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Italian Gelato vs Icecream, what are the differences?

In Venchi, we never translate gelato with ice cream. Want to know why? Because gelato and ice cream aren't the same. Here are the main differences.

December 10, 2020

FATS: One of the key differences is fat. Gelato contains fat derived from vegetables, nuts or animals, as is the case with various types of cream. That said, the total fat content provided by the dairy products, nuts or other sources does not exceed 8%. On the other hand, Ice Cream cannot contain less than 10%, because, as the name suggests, it contains a higher quantity of cream. In other words, Ice Cream is fattier than Gelato.

VOLUME: Artisan gelato is made using batch churners in kitchens adjacent to the gelateria in which it's sold. It's meant to be eaten within a few days and isn't suitable for long-term storage. During processing, it stores less air, making it less soft but denser and more compact. As Ice Cream is industrially produced, it requires a longer storage period. For this reason, air is incorporated (up to 100% of its weight) to insulate it during processing and when it goes through the freezing tunnel and to make it melt at a slower rate thanks to the insulating effect of the air. Overrun refers to the increase in volume of the gelato when it's churned. As the amount of air increases, it becomes softer and feels less cold in the mouth. Chemical additives can help increase overrun. 

TEMPERATURE: gelato with less air in it is naturally colder. While this may seem a flaw to some, it's actually a sign of authenticity. Nevertheless, the temperature should enable you to taste it properly and distinguish the flavours with ease.

RAW MATERIALS: powdered milk rehydrated at the time of use is often used to make ice cream, while artisan gelato is made with fresh milk and cream, making it more authentic. 

With over 90 recipes, our gelato is, quite simply, the perfect Italian treat. 
Our recipes celebrate renowned Italian tradition and classic Venchi flavours, including Nougatine, Cremino, Cuor di Cacao, Gianduiotto, Bronte Pistachio and milk chocolate Brutto ma Buono. Each year, we introduce brand-new recipes and ideas so our customers can enjoy different, surprising flavours each month. They're inventive and original while staying true to Piedmont tradition.

Here are some of Mr Venchi's tips to make gelato even more delicious when you taste it:

  • If you love creamy gelato, we recommend putting a scoop into a champagne saucer glass that's been cooled beforehand, then make a small indent with the back of a spoon, pour a small drop of olive oil on top and garnish with a sprinkling of organic lemon zest. These little touches will bring back the taste of that sweet, raw shortcrust pastry you enjoyed eating as a kid!
  • Venchi's gelato was born to be paired with chocolate. For this reason, our gourmet cones with Suprema XV Spread and grains epitomise the concept of the Cioccogelateria.