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Romantic and delicious ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day


Whether you want to spend this day dedicated to love with your sweetheart or friends, to impress someone with a romantic gift, or to treat yourself with something delicious, here are some tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

#LOVETIPS - In a relationship, the small little things make the difference!

There is nothing better to start the day in the right way than breakfast in bed! Impress your partner by preparing pancakes with strawberries, bananas and Suprema chocolate spread or a delicious bowl of yogurt with fruit, cereals, and crunchy 75% Chocoviar grains!

If you want to really surprise him/her, fill a room with milk  and dark chocolate hearts and post-it with love messages!

Dedicate the day to relax and to enjoy your passions, take the opportunity to treat yourself to a velvety and enveloping hot chocolate. In this video, you'll find out how to make the perfect hot chocolate at home, Italian style!

If you are searching for a gift for your better half, choose the exclusive capsule collection dedicated to Valentine’s Day! 
An elegant and romantic design in pink and red shades, embellished with a flowery garland ready to bloom. Perfect for a gesture of love or friendship, for a delicious surprise or to celebrate a special moment!

MINIBOOK: Love doesn't mean you have to explain everything. That's why we put delicious chocolates instead of words in our books.

HEART: Gifts always come from the heart! Full of milk and dark chocolate hearts, for a romantic gift.

GIFT BOX: nothing says love like chocolate! The perfect idea to give or to share.